Double standard for 50 Cent?

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Rapper and former drug dealer 50 Cent is appalled. Appalled, I tell you! Surprisingly, he might even be right. You may remember that Mr. Cent was chastised for a billboard showing him holding a baby with a handgun tucked into his pants. The British Advertising Standards Authority said that the billboards promoted violence and the use of weapons.

Now the former gangster is appalled that the posters for the new James Bond movie Casino Royale shows Daniel Craig (the new Bond) toting a gun. 50 Cent says there is a double standard wherein Hollywood gets a free pass and he doesn't. "Get Rich Or Die Tryin' comes out and they want to protest because they see a gun in my hand," he says, "but James Bond comes out or Mr & Mrs Smith will come out with guns and it's acceptable. You can see any kind of gun there is to see on the covers of films. You can go in Blockbuster and see every gun that was ever made."

50 Cent is calling for a uniform policy which he says he go along with, whichever way it goes. The thing is, music is different from movies and a fictional british spy is not the same as a former drug dealer who glorifies the gangster life. Very few kids will see Casino Royale and think they can become a nought-nought spy (Jethro notwithstanding) whereas there are an awful lot of kids out there who want to become a gangster rapper or, more likely, "die tryin'".

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