Is WIFI bad for kids?

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I've held minor suspicions about our ancient (I am talking circa 1986) microwave in the kitchen. Even though microwaves have been around for dozens of years now, I've never felt totally at ease with the whole notion of "zapping" my food. When I am forced to use the microwave, I make sure Nolan's not around. Just in case.

But honestly, I haven't thought twice about the impacts of newer technology on my son. Until I read this article, I'd never considered that the increasingly common wireless networks might be damaging to our children.

However, some parents and teachers in Britain believe vehemently that wireless (or WIFI) networks could damage children's health - so much that they are demanding that schools dismantle wireless computer networks.

Though scientific research has been inconclusive to date, WIFI in school classrooms has been blamed for everything from memory and behavioral problems to headaches to cancer in the long term.

The chairman of the country's Health Protection agency said that evidence of the potentially harmful effects of WIFI (and microwave radiotion in general) had become more pronounced in recent years - and that a precautionary approach should be used.

I am throwing out our scary microwave, tomorrow.

*Updated to add: There is no scientific evidence that WIFI might be bad for children. The article makes broad reference to the fact that some parents are nervous based on specific feedback from employees within a specific school in the Britain. My paranoia about microwaves is only my own, and my own paranoia and I apologize if that wasn;t clear. I am also illogically terrified of aliens, soap mildew, and mice.

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