The joy of creating Christmas traditions

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Keeping with tradition (and, by "tradition," I mean something we came up with a few years ago) my husband and I pulled out the Christmas tree for decorating on Friday night. Since we have a 2-year-old and a 10-month-old, we weren't sure how things would work. Would the kids try to climb the tree? Pull things down?

Nope! (Well, not yet anyway.) My daughter helped put ornaments on the tree, though I did have to rearrange a few when she wasn't looking. Even my son, whose favorite activity is eating things off the floor, took time out from crawling to stop and stare at the tree.

The best part? Every time my daughter walks into our living room, she points at the tree and says "I made it!"

Since my kids are young, we're still working on the whole Christmas tradition thing. Since family is very important to me, I want for my kids to have good memories of the Christmas season once they are older.

What holiday traditions does your family do? Do you remember anything from when you were younger? Any tips on creating traditions for young children?

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