Madonna is not adopting after all

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Here's a case where a rumor gets out of control. The Australian couple Madonna was supposedly fighting with for the right to adopt an 18 month-old girl from Malawi has issued a statement saying, in short, that the singer is not involved in the adoption all.

Despite all the press hubbub -- including a cover story in Britain's Closer magazine -- it turns out that while Madonna did visit the orphanage where Jessica, the child in question, currently lives, she actually has not taken any steps toward adoption.

In the Australian couple's statement, they also expressed relief that their lives were able to go on "without the scrutiny" that Madonna is subjected to. While we obviously enjoy our celebrity gossip here at Blogging Baby, I think it's a shame that this couple was dragged into the public eye over a story that originated in the celebrity press' imagination. I'm sure the adoption process is challenging enough without all this unwanted attention.

Hopefully their lives will return to normal as quickly as possible.

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