Is that toy making your toddler smarter?

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I've seen the ads for a toy called "VTech," a toy for babies and toddlers that plugs into the TV for "educational play." While I'm not going to say my kids don't watch television, this just doesn't seem like a very fun toy.

But, obviously, there's a market out there or these toys wouldn't exist. With women waiting longer to have children, they have more money to focus on things such as the child's education.

Before I go on any longer and say the same rhetoric about people overspending on their young children, I just have a few questions. Do these toys actually make the children smarter? Is there proof that kids today, with their Leap Frogs, Gymboree, VTech and parents charting every precious poop, are smarter than kids were 100 years ago?

Every time I hear about people pushing their children to succeed and be smarter, I can't help but think about Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell or Mozart. They didn't have Leap Pads. They didn't go to Gymboree!

I don't know about you, but I think they all did okay.

I'm not saying that we need to throw every electronic toy out the window and revert back to the Stone Ages, but isn't there a chance that you could give your child a box, a stick and some imagination and....she'd turn out okay?

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