What do you do with a "floater?"

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Ahh, the joys of parenting. One minute, you're giving little LuLu a bath and the next you've come face to face with a floater.

The first time this happened to my family, I recoiled in horror. What? What...is...that? Is that poop? Yes it was. Later on, as we grew accustomed to finding little bath time presents, it became more of a nasty inconvenience.

So, when I saw this post by Merry Munchkins, I just had to write about it.

"I attempted to shake the poop from my fingers, grabbed a pile two feet high of paper towels and a hefty bottle of bleach spray and started scrubbing the tub like it was the foulest sinner in hell and it was my job to get him ready for Sunday Church."

This is priceless. Pure gold. What she writes is the truth: Poop happens and you deal with it.

But, somewhere, there's a parent who will experience his or her first floater tonight and I'm ready to be there to help him out. Personally, I thought that the best way to combat a poop submarine would be to get one of those fish nets at the pet store to fish the offending object out.

Anyone out there tried that one? What did work? Do you have a typical course of action when this happens or do you just do what I do and call your partner in?

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