Manly diaper bag made of tires

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Although he secretly uses my special shampoos and firming lotions when he thinks I'm not looking, Rob is very much a manly man. He likes to grunt and heave and make me smell his socks. He has manly loud power tools and fancy workshop things he will never use, but they are big and foreboding and that is what is important.

Needless to say, he does not like to carry our very large red-and-blue striped diaper bag, which often smells like chamomile ointment and baby lotion. Perhaps he'd carry a diaper bag made out of tires?

Passchal has designed a baby bag specifically for dads made from recycled inner tubes. And get this - it's trimmed with hemp and fitted with a battery operated light to help locate the miscellaneous sippy cup hiding at the bottom of the bag. The bag is created to have a "Harley" look and in masculine enough for even the most manly man of all. I would totally pull Robby's finger for him if he'd carry this around. I also think the built-in light is pure genius.


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