Poker sets for kids?

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I'm not much of a gambler, so usually I don't pay attention to any media stories I see about gambling. Maybe that's why this article about gambling and children caught me by surprise.

According to "research" sixty to ninety percent of today's youth engage in gambling of some sort. (Is it me, or is "sixty to ninety" percent kind of a large range?) In fact, some parents see gambling as a perfectly acceptable activity and actually encourage it.

While most experts would probably disagree with holding a poker chip bonfire in the back yard, it isn't a bad idea to sit down and talk to your kids about gambling, especially if they're already participating in the activity. Discuss rules about behavior and set consequences for actions and, of course, follow-through with the consequences.

You also need to watch out for warning signs, such as stealing or lagging schoolwork, that things could be going wrong.

As I mentioned already, I'm kind of clueless when it comes to gambling. Honestly, I wouldn't be thrilled to find out that my child was playing poker for money. Do you feel it is okay for kids to gamble? If so, do you have any ground rules to what they can or can't do?

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