Should elementary schools be allowed to consider race when making admissions decisions?

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On Monday, the Supreme Court will decide whether the Constitution allows for schools to use race as a determining factor in their admissions processes.

One of the cases before the court deals with Seattle's attempts to have the racial make-up of their public schools mirror that of the city as a whole (40% white, 60% racial minority). When a particular school has too many applicants, race is used as a tie-breaker, with preference given to students from under-represented races.

Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito, two conservatives recently appointed to the Supreme Court, were both against quotas, affirmative action, and other programs designed to benefit minorities when working as lawyers in the Regan administration -- opinions which may possibly turn the tide in what has, up until now, remained an unresolved issue.

Opponents of the system utilized by school systems like Seattle say it's discriminatory, while advocates feel we must actively preserve desegregated education.

Is it fair to let race play a factor in a school's admissions decisions? Even if you don't think so, isn't it important that students of all races are educated together?

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