Controversial cartoonist co-authors book with ten year-old son

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Sean Delonas is famous for his controversial political cartoons. His work on the New York Post's Page Six, has included a cartoon making light of the New Jersey court ruling allowing same sex marriage -- depicting a man applying for a license with a sheep, and a post 9-11 cartoon in which a firefighter asks his dying colleague if the colleague's wife is "free next week."

"I get death threats and everything," says Delonas in this Morris County Daily Record article.

His latest work, however, isn't nearly so politically charged. "Scuttles Big Wish," a story intended for 4 to 8 year-olds inspired by "King Midas," follows a mouse who wishes everything he touched would turn to cheese. The book's co-author is Delonas' 10 year-old son, Ryan.

Ryan flushed out his ideas in conversation with his dad, who then strung the thoughts together, and added illustrations.

In the book, Scuttles apparently succeeds in turning everything to cheese, but in the end, he's relieved when things get back to normal, discovering "how beautiful the world was, even if it's not made of cheese."

I'm actually not familiar with Delonas' work as a cartoonist, but he certainly has found a great way to be creative with his son.


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