Jennifer Garner in "worst shape ever"

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Next to a glossy magazine cover of a svelte, beautiful movie star with a radiant smile and a form-fitting dress are words capturing the star's belief that her body is "such a horror in front of the mirror with no clothes on."

I don't think any one of us would describe Jennifer Garner's 1-year post partum body as a horror, and I think it's terribly sad that she does. Though she's a size 8 (significantly smaller than the average in North America), Jennifer says that her trainer calls her body "a disaster."

Jennifer may be reacting to reports that she is pregnant - paparazzi seem to jump on every billowy dress and each small pooch on an A-List woman - but I wonder if it's more than that. I wonder if she is conscious of her gifts - her stardom, wealth, beauty, husband, and daughter - and feels the need to point to her "flaws" as compensation.

Whatever her reasoning, I don't understand it. Most women, myself included, would love to look like Jennifer one year after having a baby.

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