Unique holiday gift: a clan sweater

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I accomplish most of my holiday shopping at small, local boutiques or the all time mecca of commercialism, Target. But for some people who might be looking for something just a tad bit more original, a hand knit, Irish wool sweater just might do the trick. Not only are the sweaters beautiful, the patterns are specific to your Irish clan. The site offers oodles of last names from which to choose. My family hailed from the Ireland, my grandmother was born there before making the trek to the United States in her teens. I did not see my last name on the list, but I did spy my her name there.

The site offers sweaters for everybody in your family, that means that your littlest of littles to biggest of bigs can be decked out in warm Irish wool and sporting some family spirit at the same time. These likely won't be under our tree this year, but I wouldn't mind having my kids wear a bit of their heritage at some point. What about You? A good family gift?


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