Boy arrested for opening Christmas present early

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Do you hide holiday presents on snooping children? Do you have to stuff knicknacks in closet pockets and tidings in obscure compartments to elude your persistent pre-schooler? My Mom used to have to go to sweeping extremes to keep our Christmas presents a secret, with threats to return our gifts to the department store if she found out that little fingers were present where they shouldn't be.

But this South Carolina Mom took "threat" to a whole new level when she called police on her son to report that he had unwrapped a Christmas present without her permission.

Apparently the boy opened a video game, even though he'd been directed not to do so. The Mom charged the boy with petty larceny, noting that her child is "disruptive" and that she hoped that his arrest would serve as a "corrective to disorderly behavior at school and home".

Am I the only one who finds this an incredible waste of law-enforcement resources? Calling the cops because your kid opened a present? I think his Mom needs to spend some time in a cell to think about her own actions.

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