Could you stay jolly like the mall Santa?

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When I see Santa Claus at the mall, I see a jolly fat guy in a red suit. I admit, I still think of him as "Santa" and not "some guy who has a job that involves little children peeing in his lap."

But, that's the life for many Santas....crying kids, tugging on beards, sneezes in the face and yes, puddles in the lap. In fact, according to a survey of mall Santas, they can expect to get sneezed on up to 10 times a day!

Santa can also expect back strain from lifting large children and having many little ones try to pull of his glasses. Personally, I think I'd have a hard time staying jolly with all that going on around me, especially regarding the screamers.

I brought my kids to see Santa last week. My son, who is 10 months, just stared at the big guy and smiled. My daughter, on the other hand, allowed one picture and then took off running. She was more interested in the suckers in his box than telling him what she wanted.

Either way, it was worth it. I enjoy opening my scrapbook each year and seeing how my children have grown.


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