Getting the kids involved in the holidays

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Now that the holiday season is here, many of us are busy trying to put bows on presents, hang stockings, bake dinners and all the things that go with the end-of-year madness.

For me, it also involves doing all this with a nosy toddler underfoot.

I came up with a project for my toddler today: I let her decorate the wrapping paper. Since I buy "butcher" paper to wrap gifts, I typically stamp pictures of trees or stars on the presents. Today, I handed my daughter a stamp and, with my supervision, let her decorate.

While her artwork is less Christmasy and more explosion of green, black and blue colors, it is definitely unique, especially the half of the present she covered in clumps of glitter.

So, get your kids involved while you're trying to wrap up those presents. Hand them markers, crayons, glitter, glue-- anything crafty that will keep their attention. The younger ones will be happy to "help" while the older ones just might impress you with their creativity.

And, if you use artwork they already created, you can consider it going "green."


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