Having kids at a young age when your friends are still fancy and footloose

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I had my first child when I was twenty-two; not a remarkably young age, but less and less common these days. I was still in college and my plans changed drastically after he was born. I have never regretted his arrival and have immensely enjoyed the journey. But one thing that was extremely difficult was watching all of my single friends continue on their paths of being young, unattached and able to travel the world. Sure we still saw each other and they all loved my son, and later my daughter, but I was not able to keep up with them during a night on the town if I had to get home and nurse a baby at 2 a.m.

Now, thirteen years later, my friends are just starting to settle down and have kids. They all remark on how wonderful it is to have babies and how tired they are. Some even wish they had done it all those many years ago when I had my son. I sometimes want to remind them that they thought I was a bit insane for having a child so young, but they are so happy that I don't want to bother them.

Having a child at a young age when most of your friends are unattached can make a person feel out of sync, I know I felt left out of the loop from time to time. Luckily I was old enough to know where my attention was needed and that time passes and life changes. Now my friends congratulate me on the fact that I will still be relatively young when my older two kids become adults while they will be looking at wheelchairs and walkers when their kids are in high school.

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