The merging of households: sometimes a bumpy road

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Yesterday I was driving along in my car when I was suddenly hit with a pang of guilt. I picked up my cell phone and dialed my mother with the following apology:

Me: I'm sorry I was less than cordial this morning. I didn't intend to be so horrid.

She: You were fairly awful.

Me: Yes, sometimes it is just so hard to be 36 and living with your mother.

She: I understand completely. I sometimes find it exceedingly difficult to be 64 and living with my daughter.

Me: Touche.

We have a similar exchange about once a week. We always air our grievances and express our frustrations, though it sometimes takes one of us retreating, gathering our wits and then approaching the other one. It is difficult to merge households under any circumstances. We are both grieving for the loss of my father and I am lamenting the end of my marriage. But to have each other to lean on during this time is a beautiful gift.


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