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I love Christmas/holiday cards. There. I admit it. I especially love the ones that have photos on the inside so you can see how the kids are growing.

But, it is different when it is your kids trying to get photographed. I've done three different Christmas card photo sessions now and they have all turned out horribly.

Since I have a 2-year-old and a 10-month-old, there are many sad faces, crawling babies, toddlers throwing tantrums and blurry arms in the pictures. In fact, I'm just ready to take pictures of my kids and Photoshop them together. While I'm at it, I might just do that with a picture of myself and one of my husband, though the picture of my husband will have to be from our wedding day, which was the last time he smiled in a photo.

If you have kids that, ahem, will sit somewhat still (and not cry) for photos, you might want to check out this website, which has a variety of fun photo ideas.

To be honest, I'm tempted to use a really cute photo of my son that I took, but I kind of feel bad not having my daughter in it. But, what to do if she screams "no camera!" every time I say it is picture time?

Any Christmas card photo tips are much appreciated, especially if you have ideas on working with little ones.

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