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The time has come; it is now time to buy presents for the kids. They say they want movies, but honestly, the choices in the "new release" section of the store make you want to claw your eyes out. Well, have no fear, our sister site Cinematical has some tips for you.

Kim Voynar has a list of of DVDs that your kids want, even if they don't know it yet.

Kim recommends
"The Iron Giant," a movie that my husband would happily agree on. (For those of you that might not seem too interested in a cartoon about a giant robot, both Jennifer Aniston and Vin Diesel voice characters in this film.)

If you're in the mood for a Christmas film, the original "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" is also recommended. While I agree with that, I personally also have a soft spot for "Scrooged" starring the talented Bill Murray. Scrooged might not be the best choice for very young children, but it is definitely a different take on "A Christmas Carol."

But, I have to say, if there's one movie out there that kids should see, I'm going to vote for my personal favorite, "The Goonies." If your kids don't seem too interested, Sam from "The Lord of the Rings" is in the film, as my favorite character, Mikey.

Anything we've left out? What movies do you think that kids today are missing out on?

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