Top Model Tyra Banks wants to adopt

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Anyone who watches America's Next Top Model knows how much Tyra loves her mama. That includes me. I watch it. I admit it. An hour a week of young, hot, scantily-clad girls scampering about and whipping their clothes on and off is better than sports. Way better than sports. Well, anyway, Tyra always talks about how much she loves her mama, and she does it in that ghetto-hoochie voice she uses sometimes, so you know she means it. It came as no surprise to me then to see the headline that Tyra wants to become a mama herself.

Tyra, 33, is unattached and very busy working on her television programs (which include a daily talk show I am proud to admit I have never seen) believes that adoption will be her path to motherhood. She says it has been her lifelong ambition to adopt a child, and forcefully dispels the notion that she is jumping on the celebrity adoption bandwagon: "I've wanted to adopt since I was eight, nine years old, before it was hip," she said, "I really do think I will."

Tyra said that she doesn't need any genetic attachment to a child to love it as a mother: "Children that are already born are beautiful to me," she says, "I can definitely be a mother to them."

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