Advent calendars: chocolate or traditional?

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Some of my fondest holiday memories involve the advent calendars that my mother would hang on the refrigerator door every year on December 1st. They were usually large and covered with glittery angels and mangers. But by far the best part was the small doors that were imprinted into the images. I knew that behind each of those 24 doors were magical words that would carry us through the days until Christmas. My brother and I shared a calendar each year, taking turns every day to open the doors. We always saved December 6 for my mother and December 23 for my father, their birthdays.

Advent calendars have come a long way since I was a kid. Not only are the glitter kind still available, but now there are chocolate varieties. Each day offers a door with a small candy behind it. My kids adore both kinds. We have had both in our home over the years, but as a parent I feel that I am somehow shirking my maternal duties if I let my kids have a chocolate calendar. Not only is the chocolate not very tasty, it seems so commercial that I have now banned them from our home. My kids were a bit bummed at first, but quickly got over their disappointment.

We continue to have a traditional advent calendar every year. My children share the responsibility of opening the doors and reading the messages nestled beneath. I hope they will remember this small tradition when they grow up and have families of their own.

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