So sorry to see you go: Two beloved blogs close their doors this week

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Karen Walrond and AlexUnless you have been hiding under an Internet rock, you probably know by now that both our very own Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks and that other Karen, from The Naked Ovary, have both decided to shut their blogs down this week. Coincidentally, both of these strong, well-loved women are adoptive mothers, though for reasons entirely their own.

For the hundreds of commenters and thousands of readers who have read their words daily and who have laughed and cried with them, these goodbyes are very sad. The closing of a blog means the end of one era, but hopefully not the end of the relationships that were forged through it. Karen Walrond has promised to turn Chookooloonks into a photoblog. Karen of TNO plans to keep writing, though not in blog form.

the naked ovaryBoth of these mamas cite their beautiful daughters as their primary reasons for closing down their blogs. Perhaps this is the next step that mothers who blog will take: After writing what we need to write about parenting and our children and families, we will choose to express ourselves in different ways. I think it is too soon to tell how long blogs will last, or how long they should last. The answer is probably as individual as bloggers are, but with the closing of two blogs in one week with such similar reasons, I wonder

But one thing is certain: We will miss you. And we wish you all the best. We hope this is not an end, but a new beginning, and that we haven't heard the last from you yet.

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