Are your teens no longer interested in holiday traditions?

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Ahh, Christmas. If we believe the people inside the talking box, it is a time of family togetherness, presents, songs and good memories. And, perhaps it is, until you have teenagers.

Here's a funny column from a father of four teenagers. Every year, since his kids were little, they'd drive out to the countryside and pick out a tree. You know, the Normal Rockwell version of Christmas that the aforementioned television presents.

But then...he had teenagers.

So long are the days of excitement over finding a good tree. Now he has two whining teenage girls who'd rather text-message from a tree farm than have anything to do with cutting down a tree. His boys are cold and more interested in the teenage girls out with their families.

And his wife? Poor thing, she has that "mommy syndrome" of "okay, kids, you can play with the chainsaw...just don't cut off any fingers."

So next time the teens are itching to hit the movies with their friends instead of hanging up stockings, remember, you're not alone. I, too, was once one of those teens that preferred hanging with my friends over my family. And now? Now I drive my own kids to look at Christmas lights.

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