What is the "worth it" line

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This weekend, I packed up my snowboarding gear, a pack and play, 6 liters of juice, 7 bags of assorted snacks, a dozen or so whizzpopping, whistling plastic doohickies and three too many hours of cartoonish music. We were going on a road trip.

Rob was already at the mountain with a friend, so it was just Nolan and me and I stared at an invisible dot on the roof of my Jeep and prayed for a miracle. I've never taken Nolan on a solo trip, save for airplane rides to the Coast, which are somewhat less daunting because they are only an hour long. This was going to be three.

The journey ended in tears for both of us. Nolan wanted out of his carseat, wriggling and clawing and shrieking with the utter injustice of it all. I sweated through my clothes and handed him tentative backwards Triscuits, which got angrily rejected with the swipe of an indignant baby hand. We turned around and went home.

That was our first, and probably last, attempt at a road trip. I don't know if it's worth it to even try, until he is ten years old at least. My new rules are:
1) If we are going to journey, his Dad is going to be there too and
2) The destination point must not be more than two hours away. At least until he overcomes his perplexing toddlerhood.

How about you? When is it "worth it" to take the kids on semi-long journey?

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