Highlights starts magazine for preschoolers

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Highlights Magazine, the magazine of choice for the well-read child in the doctor's office waiting room, is now opening up shop for the preschool set.

Highlights High Five, the newest (and possibly only) magazine aimed at kids from two to six-years-old, will debut next month.

Sections include "Eating Glue Around the World," "Funny Things I Fed the Dog" and "Will It Really Fall Off: Debunking Parenting Lies."

Besides the hidden picture section featured in the original magazine, Highlights High Five will also feature fiction stories, puzzles, crafts and activities for younger children. The goal of the magazine is to "stimulate children's social and emotional growth, ability to reason and think creatively, and acquisition of language skills."

No news if Dora the Explorer or DeeDee Doodlebop will grace the cover in bikinis.

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