The next biggest trend: Pajamas?

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Teens are finding out what middle-aged housewives have known for a long time: Pajamas are comfy. So comfortable, in fact, that they've become the next big fashion trend with kids wanting to wear them to school.

For girls, the trend is the pink sweatpants from Victoria's Secret. Boys are more likely to wear sweatpants or plaid pajama bottoms, which remind me of Zach Morris from TV's Saved By The Bell. (Anybody remember his plaid pajamas?)

As a work-from-home-mom, I totally agree with the kids that sweat pants and pajamas are totally comfy. In fact, sometimes I take a shower and put them back on!

Personally, I'd prefer to see a teenage girl wearing a pair of pink sweat pants rather than a skirt that practically shows vagina for the world to see. And EMO? Please. If I have to see one more EMOed out teenager sulking in the checkout line at Target, I swear I'm going to go over there and hand them some eye makeup remover myself.

What trend do you think teens should adopt next? I'm going to take "comfy" to the next level and suggest that they bring back the big floral moomoo.

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