Would you go on television to get parenting help?

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Who hasn't looked at their child at one point or another and thought "what the heck do I do?" Whether the problem is fighting at bedtime, not eating at dinner or tantrums in public, you wish there was a magic button to help you learn what to do.

TLC has a show called The House of Tiny Terrors that got me thinking. Would I ever go on national television to get help parenting my children? As much as I'd love to have SuperNanny or the Expert Du Jour to help stop tantrums, I just don't think I can do it.

With television, you can't trust editing. Who knows how these shows could portray my children? (Yes, I know I write about my kids on the Internet, but, believe it or not, there's a lot of censoring when it comes to my children going on, especially as they get older.)

While as a parent and viewer, I enjoy these shows because I do feel like I'm learning things, I just don't want to be the guinea pig for everyone else.

What do you think? Could you go on TV to get parenting help? Is there a breaking point that might make you consider?

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