Kids being bad? I've got Santa's number...

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I sat on the bedroom floor at a friend's house when her young son loudly announced "Be good! Santa is watching!" While the whole "Santa Claus is watching you" story doesn't work on my youngsters yet, I know many people who have been using that line for the past few weeks.

One of them is Susan of Friday Playdate, who recently tried the whole "I know Santa's number" gig on her two boys. Unfortunately, the kids didn't believe that line, probably because she said she had it "in her head."

(If she's anything like most Moms I know, the number is probably the last thing she'd remember, right behind where she left her car keys.)

But, if you're one of the lucky ones, you might have a Santa Hotline in your very own area. Depending on your city, there's either a designated time to call in or you register for a time to have Santa phone your house.

If your child is interested in Santa but perhaps doesn't want to head out to meet the big guy in person, this might be a good alternative. If anything, it might give you a little street cred with the kiddos who might not believe that you're tight with the big guy.

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