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I've been hinting at my plans for Operation Baby 2007 for a few months now. While I don't have anything to announce yet, I'm getting to the point where I find myself standing in the aisles of the drug store, staring at the pregnancy tests.

So which one is best? Last time I used Clear Blue, which worked so fast I had to do three of them to convince myself that it was right. (And at least they have a sense of humour, as Rachel reports.) Do I stick to what works or do I branch out?

First Response claims to have 99% accuracy four whole days before you even miss your period. Tempting, but Clear Blue now claims a whole five days in advance. And it seems they got rid of their thin blue line and now have a simple + = pregnant/ - = not pregnant system. There's also the local drugstore no-name brand, which gives you more bang for your buck, so I don't have to break the bank if I want to check five times in a row.

I've also been looking at Confirm Clearly, a new product that's better for the earth and my wallet. The problem with multiple pregnancy tests is the tests are plastic and end up as landfill. Confirm Clearly offers a refillable base, so all you replace is the part you pee on. Instead of a blue line or two pink ones -- which can get rather confusing -- a light goes off if you're pregnant.

So what have you used with success in the past? Or are all pregnancy tests more or less the same thing?

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