Premature baby calendar raises funds

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Now here's a calendar that's much more useful than the hot-girls-in-toolbelts calendar stashed on top of my fridge: a calendar depicting pictures of preemies is raising funds for a new hospital ward in the UK.

The calendar was produced by Moms of premature babies who were cared for at a special care unit, and the proceeds will go to a preemie treatment centre in Kent, England.

Preemature baby equipment is extremely expensive, and officials say that more government funding is needed for research and equipment.

I have to say, I was drawn to this story in part because of Stephanie Klein's tender, touching story about her own premature babies in her blog. I know I've profiled her already in the last month, but that entry taught me more than I ever realized about babies who are born a little before they're ready.

If I lived in England I'd be buying one of these calendars.

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