Vacation pics of the Pitt-Jolie Family in Cambodia

Filed under: Activities: Babies, Celeb Kids, Life & Style, Celeb Parents, That's Entertainment is currently featuring a photo gallery of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their children on a recent trip to Cambodia, the native country of their eldest child. The gallery shows the family touring the country, this being the first time that Maddox, the couple's son, has truly understood that this is his native land. "He recognizes himself in the people, which is a wonderful thing to see ... Sometimes he'll even show me things as if I've never been there," says Jolie. "He knows I'm happy to hear about it. He'll explain to me, 'Oh, yes, Cambodian mothers always feed their kids this.' And I'll say, 'Really? That's fascinating. I didn't know that.' "

Angelina has created a foundation, the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Project (named after her son), established for "conservation and economic development in Cambodia."

In this day and age where the media is filled with images of young women partying, flashing private parts to the camera, and generally behaving badly, it's certainly refreshing to see images of a young mother enjoying her family's company. Be sure to check these photos out. They are positively beautiful.

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