A Christmas miracle

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When I was in Toronto this fall, I had the pleasure of meeting a blogger whose story had impacted me deeply.

I read Karla's blog when I was pregnant with Nolan, as a reminder of how I should behave. Unlike me, Karla reveled in her pregnancy, maintaining high spirits and good cheer and I was secretly envious of her beaming positivity when I was such a miserable wretch.

When she and her husband lost their baby girl the day she was born, I wept. I had never met these people, and yet their story impacted my very core. As I type this, I'm welling up again. It was so inexplicable, so incredibly awful.

When I met Karla in October, she was pregnant again, and full of hope and fear. She is one of the most sincerely sweet women I have met in my life. There is a purity about her that I can't explain and I prayed to a God I'm not sure I believe in, that she and this baby would be OK. When her husband met us for dinner, they held hands and acted so tenderly toward each other that I almost lost it altogether. These two are meant to be parents.

Anyway. Karla's baby is being delivered today, via c-section, and everything has looked perfect so far. She is glowing and full of hope and excited and I can't think of a more wonderful Christmas gift.

I've never been so excited to "meet" an Internet baby. Please visit Karla and send her your good thoughts today.

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