Blogging Baby Sleepover: Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

It's the holidays! Time to visit family. So let me let you into the members of my extended Toronto blog family tonight. I don't keep a blogroll on my site, but I'll take this opportunity to wax poetic on some of my usual stops when I have a rare and spare moment.

isn't your typical Mommy Blogger. She's not a new mum wondering which side of the swim diaper is the front. She's got two daughters (age 9 and 15) whom she loves with such a beautiful passion. This post in particular haunts me still. She's trying to get back to her art and to the gym and thanks to the Internets, she has received much support to keep at it. Oh and I got to meet her once and I fell in love with the fact that she tells it like it is.

The Petite Gourmand's photography is so good, I become a skater boi and refer to each pic as "Sick!" She has this cute James Frey way of giving each sentence its own line. She cooks Martha Stewart-esque concoctions, but is such a nice person that you only wish she'd send you some cookies. I met her in passing at a blogger meet-up (I was on my way out, she was on her way in) and I don't know who was cuter, she or her daughter Lulu.

Something Blue has done something I've been trying to achieve for years: she's convinced her husband to be a regular contributor! SB and Niloc are raising their two STUNNING daughters on good ol' fashioned rock n' roll. For someone who has had blue hair before and I would consider an alternative mother, she has some surprisingly conservative opinions on things. (Things I happen to feel roughly the same about.) When I met her, she did not have blue hair as I'd expected. Instead she had a disarming smile and a warmth that made you feel you've known her since childhood.

Sam Lamb is my former colleague and lunch buddy. Part mom blog, part craft blog, she makes the cutest things with her equally talented husband Jay. (Check out his Gum Blondes series of paintings? Chewings?) A few of their lovelies hang in a place of honour on my tree. I don't get to see her enough, but I think of her often. Blogging is good like that. It allows you to check in folks and make sure they're doing alright.

There are many more amazing bloggers in my fair city, but I thought I'd feature a few of the lesser known ones. That was fun! I think I'll start providing a cross-Canada round-up one Saturday each month. Leave your Canuck faves in the comments.

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