Santa's Secrets

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Ever wonder exactly how Santa Claus does it? How does he get those reindeer to leave the ground? How does he get his considerable girth down those tiny chimneys? Well, the Ledger-Enquirer out of Columbus, Georgia did the research to find out. They interviewed seven second-graders from Phenix City across the river in Alabama and got the straight scoop. Mostly.

It turns out that while there is definitive proof he exists -- "I've heard him up on the roof. He can be noisy." -- there isn't quite the consensus on how he gets around or gets down those chimneys. Whether it's magical dust, bells, or coins, is unclear, but each expert gave credible testimony in favor of their own theory. The newspaper also delved into possibilities for modernizing Santa's ride and whether or not Santa should relocate to the kids' own town. At least on that point, they were in agreement. Santa should definitely head South to Phenix City.


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