My middle child isn't growing as fast as his brothers

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my boysMy ex-husband called me on Christmas night. He had some information and a request. He said that he measures the children's height once a year, and that in the past year, our ten-year-old son has only grown one inch, whereas our youngest son has grown three inches. (I forgot to ask about our oldest, but I know he has grown tons this year, and the main issue seems to be our middle child).

Our youngest son, who will be nine on Friday, is now taller than Christian, age ten. I have noticed this, of course: Christian and Tommy wear the same size, though I have had to buy larger pants for them both this year, because they have grown too tall for their old pants. Christian has had to move up a size in underwear. And he is a trim child, so it's not his waistline that has instigated the change.

But people do now tend to think that Tommy is the older boy, because he has outgrown Christian. I told my ex, "I haven't really worried about it, because you are tall (he's 6'1") and your father is not (he is 5'7")." But Mark asked me to write about this on Blogging Baby and ask you: Is this a common phenonemon? Have any of your children grown at vastly different rates? Have your younger chldren outgrown their older siblings?

Bottomline: Is this something we should worry about?

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