U.S. army hospital prepares for births after war leave

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home pregnancy testIn Clarksville, Tennessee, the Fort Campbell army hospital expects there to be about 250 births a day in June and also nine months from now, considering the fact that soldiers are returning from Iraq.

Right now, the number of births is about a dozen a day, but in October 2004, nine months after a Christmas leave, there were about 202 births a day. I suppose this isn't really a big surprise. But I just hadn't really thought about the fact that all over the country right now, possibly at this very moment, hundreds of thousands of babies are being conceived because soldiers are returning from fighting and enjoying seeing their loved ones.

It brings a whole new meaning to spending time with the family at Christmas, doesn't it? I wonder if there will be a huge jump in the number of home pregnancy tests purchased in January. I'd go ahead and get one early, if you are trying to conceive, just in case there's a shortage!


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