Sticker welcomes breastfeeders into restaurants

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A community in Ontario has launched an innovative campaign to encourage breastfeeding.

The local public health department in Peel
is providing restaurant owners with special stickers for their windows. The decals symbolize that the restaurants are "breastfeeding friendly" and that Moms will be comfortable breastfeeding at a table there.

Department administrators note that there are a lot of Moms in the community who want to feel comfortable taking their children and babies out for a bite to eat.

In theory, this is great. It's nice for a harried new Mom to know that she will not be harangued about breastfeeding etiquette while out for a burger, but honestly I am dubious. As a breastfeeding Mother, I was too self-conscious to every breastfeed anywhere but at home and in restrooms. But as a Mom of a toddler, I might just go in for a burger at a breastfeeding-friendly restaurant to support their support of Moms.

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