Explaining all the bruises

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My family and I were sitting around after dinner last night, popping leftover Christmas chocolates and enjoying the crackle of the fireplace, the tranquil pellets of rain hitting and dissolving into the ocean. Nolan was in his felt pajamas, hugging the dogs and lumbering around the cabin.

I watched him stumble toward the coffee table, and opened my mouth helplessly as I realized that he was going too fast. I reached out helplessly as he tripped on the carpet edge and his eye met the edge of the table with a horrifying crack. Almost immediately, his eye puffed out, red and then purple and black within minutes.

He was fine, easily distracted with a few kisses and a sippy cup. And then I thought, oh, god, a black eye. He always has bumps and scrapes and bruises and now a honking, angry black eye has taken over the whole right side of his face.

Nolan is so unsteady and so accident prone (as I was as a kid); he always has a gash, scrape or bruise. I am paranoid, I know, but I always wonder if people see me with him and wonder if I am negligent, or worse, causing his scrapes. Should I awkwardly explain when strangers stare at him appraisingly? Should I pretend I don't notice the looks?

I think most toddlers go through an awkward stage, and in this time of accusation and critical parenting, I hope to high heaven that no one silently wonders if I have caused his pain.

I am hoping this is an awkward phase, like teenage pimples or the terrible twos. Either that or I need to develop my reflexes.

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