The post Christmas disaster

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I can't count how many times I've pierced my foot with a giant lego or stumbled over a random piece of plastic shrapnel. Christmas was all about Nolan this year, and he got so many bleating electronics and plastic doo-hickies, I'm not sure how I'll get them all home.

Actually, I'm scared to take them home, because our house is tiny and I'm wondering how everything will fit. We don't have a playroom, and the living room already houses a sofa, a TV, and my entire office. There is no room for the lego.

This article has some good tips on how to put toys away without making your house look like no kids live there. Among the suggestions I like is one to categorize toys in wicker baskets on a bookshelf, something I can do without taking up additional space in my crowded living room.

Now what to do about that atrociously annoying talking piano?

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