Appropriate age gaps between children

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Like most parents, my husband and I have quibbled over what would be an appropriate age difference between our children. My sister and I are 16 months apart and still quarrelsome best friends. My husband and his sister are almost 3 years apart and get on well enough, but are not close. (Though I suspect that's more to do with personality differences than age.)

My coworker is 12 years older than her brother, which made her like a third parent to him, but they have a nice relationship. I like the idea of my children playing together, but this thought of an older child being of some help is also appealing.

Then I read this piece in the Guardian. The author, Emma Burstall, had three children over three decades: her first child in her 20s, her second in her 30s and her third at 40. (Yes, all from the same husband!) In the article, she outlines the pros and cons of having her children so spaced out.

What are some of your experiences with age gaps? Any of you have children (or siblings) that are really spaced out in age?

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