Nipple injury while breastfeeding?

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My family went out of town for the Christmas holidays and spent time at my in-laws' house. For some reason, I'll assume it is an unfamiliar environment, my children do not sleep well while there.

Sensing this ahead of time, my husband and I split up the sleeping arrangements to keep the kids apart at night. He got our daughter in the attic room and I took our son, who is breastfed, in the guest room. Every single night at that house was horrible on the sleep front. My son would only sleep in my bed with me and, of course, felt the need to breastfeed through the night.

I woke up one morning to quite a problem: My son had given me a nipple injury during the night. Basically, long story short, he ended up cracking the side of my nipple, which has managed to turn into quite a deep gash. I called the local La Leche Leader, who suggested I try Soothies over the injury.

While the Soothies have helped with the rubbing on my bra, I haven't figured out what to do with the actual injury. Every time my son latches on, he breaks the scab forming and the pain starts all the way over. I don't necessarily think there's a reason to call my doctor, so I'd love to save the time (and the co-pay on my insurance) and figure out what I can do to get this to heal quicker.

I've tried aiming the injury at the side of his mouth, but it hasn't helped. Any tips?

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