Getting a perspective on what other parties in the adoption process are thinking

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I ran across this piece the other day written by an attorney who assumes the roles of all the respective parties in an adoption--the child, the birthmother, the biological father, and the adoptive parent. She writes a couple of paragraphs in each of their voices and she does a really terrific job of showing readers what each party may be thinking or feeling during an adoption process.

As you might expect, I was particularly interested in what she had to say as an adoptive parent. She makes a terrific point in saying that adoptive parents are "carefully screened in a way that biological parents are not" and that we "must prove to social workers and the government that we are fit parents and that we will raise our children lovingly and responsibly." Really strong stuff.

In any event, this is very interesting reading and it really opened my eyes as to what others in the process may be thinking. You may not agree with everything this attorney says, but it definitely will make you think.

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