Poop: My daughter's newest delaying tactic

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My daughter has never had a good relationship with going to sleep. Ever since she was a wee one, we've had issues with getting her to lay in bed, close her eyes and go to dream land. While things have gotten better as she has grown older (especially the part about sleeping through the night) getting her down for good is often a lesson in patience.

We've made incredible leaps and bounds in regards to potty training in the past few months. While she still has a while to go before she is diaper-free, she is getting better about going on the toilet in comparison to her diaper, or even worse, the floor.

So what to do when she starts using pooping as a nighttime delay tactic? My husband had put her in bed and closed the door. Soon I hear the telltale whining echoing down the hall. But, this time, the whining involved the words "poop" and "stinky."

I couldn't just leave her in there. We had done the potty routine several times during the night and she had not gone Number Two. Thoughts of diaper rash or Poop Picasso sprung to mind.

Of course, she hadn't actually gone yet and we did, ahem, get her to go on the toilet, but I don't want her to think that holding it in all night long to save up for bed time is how we do it.

Has your child ever used the bodily function stalling tactic? How did you deal with it?

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