What age did your child begin playing a musical instrument?

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guitarWhen my youngest son, Tommy, was seven, he showed an interest in playing the piano. He "played" it at home and made up songs and played with a keyboard we have. So, we asked him if he would like to begin taking piano lessons and he said yes.

But after one lesson, his piano teacher, a woman I know and trust, told me that he was too young and too immature for lessons. Indeed, if he had started, he would have been her youngest pupil. I could believe that my child was probably not ready; his attention span made him twitchy. But I found it difficult to believe that he would have been her youngest pupil. I was under the impression that if children were to truly master a musical instrument, they should start as young as perhaps age four or five.

He is nine now, and we got him a guitar for his birthday. He had been playing my husband's guitar and making up songs. He still shows the same love of and interest in music. He has asked my husband to begin teaching him rather than enroll in formal lessons, and we are happy with that. But I am still wondering: Is it too late? Have we missed the window?

I didn't start taking piano lessons until I was about thirteen years old, and everyone around me acted as though it were a complete waste of time because I was too old. But I still enjoyed my lessons and learned to play. How old were your kids when they started lessons? And how did you know when to begin?

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