Fitness resolutions, are yours sticking?

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As the new year is quickly ticking by, so many of us have vowed to once and for all rid ourselves of that mommy pooch that lurks just above the rims of our panties. I have had a constant pooch since the birth of my first child, over 12 years ago, but last year that pooch grew by 25 pounds when I began taking anti-anxiety medication.

So this year I have chucked the prescriptions in favor of trips to the gym, skiing outings with the kids and lots of deep breathing. The problem is that this is such a busy commerce time in my part of the country that I am swamped with work and not getting my daily workouts done. Yes, I know we're just four days into the year, but this could already be a pattern of inactivity forming.

This morning I found a story discussing the many different classes gyms are now offering. Classes such as pogo-aerobics, dancing in high heels and ethnic dancing. While these sound like fun, if not a bit silly, I think I will stick to skiing or sledding with the kids. Though the pogo stick class does sound like something the kids would enjoy. I won't freak out that we are four days into the new year and I have only gotten one trip in to the gym. I won't eat an entire pan of brownies out of stress. Instead I'll bundle the kids up when I get home from work and go have a snowball fight. That should burn a few calories.

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