Texas cheerleader MySpace scandal

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Okay, I'll admit it. I love a good MySpace scandal. I also enjoy talk of people pretending to preform fellatio on an inanimate object. So when I read this story combining MySpace, "fellatio" and Texas high school cheerleaders, I was hooked.

What else could make this better? Bullying? Preferential treatment? A lie about the cheerleading coach being "on meds" made up by the school principal? Check, check and check.

I sense a movie of the week coming on.

Five Dallas-area high school cheerleaders, referred by some as the "Fab Five" were known as the Mean Girls of their school. According to the article, many of these girls felt that they were above getting in trouble for their actions, thanks to one of their mothers being the school principal.

What results is a sad lesson in what happens when a parent tries too hard to buddy up to her child. Investigations were started, people resigned and money spent...all because a principal couldn't stand up to her daughter.

It is a good read and definitely reminds me of a few of the more "popular" athletes in my (also Texas) high school that got away with everything.

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