The Crocodile Hunter's wife given only copy of his final video

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It is well known that Steve Irwin, who was killed by a stingray stab to the heart on September 4, was filmed during his final outing as he swam with stingrays. Many an Internet voyeur has been itching to get their hands on that footage to view those awful, final moments.

Fortunately, for Irwin's widow and family, all but one copy of that tape have now been destroyed. This means that no creepy people can distribute the tape across cyberspace, cheapening the efforts of the charismatic man.

This must be a relief to Irwin's widow and his children. Knowing that his final moments were recorded would be hard enough, but to have them strewn across the Internet for entertainment would be too much. This way his children can grow up remembering their father as the vivacious hero of animals and animal protection, rather some sort of freakish Internet weirdness. I hope this effort will bring the family some peace.

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