The flight from Hades

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I think I said sorry two thousand and thirty three times yesterday.

Nolan and I traveled from Vancouver back to Calgary, and though we've made the one-hour flight on several occasions previously, this one was the only one that kind of resembled fiery hell in a convulsing handbasket.
I'm so scarred I'm not sure I'll ever do it again.

I thought the 8:00 AM flight would be a good time: light weekday load, nice and early so Nolan would be in good spirits. Uh, no. Nolan woke up at 4:30 AM so by the time 8:00 hit, he was chaotically tired. By the time we left the runway at 8:20 AM, Nolan had:

1) Spilled coffee on the irritable gentleman next to us
2) Pooped his pants and smelled up the entire latter half of the plane
3) Pitched his sippy cup at the nice lady across the aisle
4) Twisted himself out of my lap and become trapped underneath the seat
5) Howled so loud the collective eardrums of the entire plane collapsed.

While the flight was in progress, the seat belt light remained on due to turbulence. This did not deter Nolan's quest to run free.

By the time the flight landed, half my hair was in a shredded pool on the floor and Nolan was completely and totally beat down, kind of cute in a horrific way with his receding shiner.

I think this represented the end of our flying days. I understand why they call them Terrible Two's.

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