Court decides name problem for two parents

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An Oregon court has finally reached a decision on what to name a child, only after looking at 1,000 years of naming traditions.

(Couldn't they have just contacted Baby Center?)

The problem started in 2004 when an unmarried couple had a baby. While they were able to negotiate other parenting terms, such as custody and child support, the decision on what last name the baby would have was a heated one.

Lawyers were called, of course.

The mother, whose last name is Wizner, wanted the baby to have the same last name as her other three children. The father, whose last name is Doherty, said that Wizner is not an "ancestral" name but one from a previous marriage.

While in married couples, the child tends to have the father's last name, children born to unwed mothers usually had her surname or the one of her choosing. Nowadays, the child's needs are considered and the court sided with Wizner, saying it would "embarrass" the child less if she had the same last name as her other siblings.

If you were in a similar situation, or know of someone who was, how was the surname issue dealt with? Did the baby have the mom's, dad's or a hyphenated version?

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