Hospital bed collapses while woman gives birth

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A British woman had quite the traumatic birth experience when the bed she was laboring on collapsed during birth. Hopefully, she wasn't a Scientologist because that definitely doesn't sound like a "silent birth."

Just as he baby emerged, the third time mother, the baby and midwife all fell to the floor as one end of her bed collapsed. The midwife caught the baby and the husband caught the mother; all ended up in a "heap" on the floor.

According to the mother, this birth experience was traumatic due to a shortage of midwives at the hospital. Well, that and having the bed collapse.

The hospital denies the shortage of midwives.

In addition to the "shortage" of midwives and the bed falling down, the parents also claim the baby, named Jasmine, was not tagged or weighed at the time of her birth, which, oddly enough, there was also confusion over.

But that was probably just because everyone was in shock that the bed collapsed.

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